25th January 2019

Late last year, The Do Lectures weekly email challenged us to think about our goals for 2019. The philosophy behind their business is a simple one – ‘that people who do things, can inspire the rest of us to go and do amazing things too.’ And isn’t that what we’re all searching for, the inspiration to go and do something amazing with the time, talent and resources we’ve each been gifted?!

The email went on to remind us that all too often, however, we set our goals with plenty of good intentions, but then get busy and distracted and before we know it another year has passed, and the goals seem just as far away as they did when we set them. It turns out most of us are better at setting resolutions than we are at keeping them!

As the blank page of a New Year has only just unfolded before us, how can we can we ensure 2019 is different? Is there a way to guarantee we’ll meet the goals we’ve set for ourselves?

Whilst there are no real guarantees in life, The Do Lectures posed three simple, but effective tips for change that will absolutely point us the direction of success…

KNOW THE DESTINATION | You need to be clear about where you’re headed.

KNOW HOW YOU WILL FEEL WHEN YOU GET THERE | Change needs motivation and how you feel is the fuel you need to make change happen. You need to be able to imagine how you’ll feel when you reach your intended destination.

PLAN | Unfortunately you can’t outsource change, you have to stop thinking and actually start doing.

Let’s all find our moment at the outset of this New Year to start unpacking the time, talent and resources that lie within each of us and make 2019 our most amazing year ever! Here’s to finding our amazing…

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