Giftable & Collectable Tins

25th November 2022

When we were fortunate enough to welcome The Bobbin Tree retail store into the Inspirations family, one of the benefits that readers of this newsletter will receive is all the new products we can now offer.

This week we’re bringing you some wonderful Giftable and Collectable tins that anyone who has visited The Bobbin Tree will recognise as just one of the many charming collections of items the store has on display.

Now we’re not talking about just one or two tins here, we have no less than 23 different tins for you to choose from!

Available in a wide range of different shapes and sizes, these premium quality tins are perfect to store all manner of different knick-knacks, tchotchkes and bits and bobs, be it needlework centric or otherwise.

With too many designs to tell you about, the best advice we can give is click on the link below and imagine yourself at The Bobbin Tree by Inspirations, enjoying a casual stroll down the Giftable & Collectable Tin aisle.

While you’re visiting us, grab a tea or a coffee and enjoy some of the best kind of Christmas shopping… Stitching Shopping!

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