Giant Cross Stitch

8th May 2020

There are only so many hours you can sit indoors and stitch. Perhaps, like us, you’re desperate to get outside more and do something in the open air rather than sitting in your house? How about giant cross stitch?

Portuguese textile artist, Aheneah, has reimagined traditional cross stitch into street art, maintaining the technique of crossing fibres while producing something magnificent.

Aheneah’s goal is to make people stop and look at their surroundings rather than always walk with their heads down.

Using nails and yarn rather than needle and thread, Aheneah has paid homage to her grandmother’s skill in a way that everyone can enjoy.

When next the sun is shining, why not grab some nails in the shed and yarn from your stash box and share your love of cross stitch with the rest of the world! To discover more about Aheneah’s amazing stitched street art, check out her website HERE.

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