Ghörżah – Islamic Architecture in Needlepoint

17th December 2021

Bringing you the world’s most beautiful needlework projects is without doubt our raison d’être. And that includes all the rich history and amazing stories about embroidery as well.

That’s why this week we’re bringing you a fascinating book by Natalie Fisher, entitled ‘Ghörżah: Islamic Architecture in Needlepoint’.

‘Ghörżah’ is actually Arabic for ‘stitch’, and this book is filled with photographs, stories and histories of the Islamic world that have inspired Natalie to create some of her beautiful needlepoint designs.

This book is as much a travel book as it is an embroidery book and although it does have a project in the back of it for you to try, it provides so much more.

So, for those times where you’d like to make yourself a cup of tea and sit down with a book to read, filled with full-colour photographs and fascinating travel stories about Morocco, Uzbekistan and the United Arab Emirates, this is the perfect choice.

Ghorzah – Islamic Architecture in Needlepoint

Natalie Fisher
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