1st November 2019

Generosity speaks to the qualities of plenty and kindness. It communicates abundance and a willingness to share what we have with others.

For us, the love of needle and thread and generosity are synonymous with each other.

Time and time again we wonder at the generosity of detail, colour and texture that we find in things created with needle and thread. We read with interest of the generosity the needlework community offers as they so willingly share of their craft and lives with those around them. We marvel at the hours people pour into plying their trade to create something from the work of their hands for someone else.

Generosity requires us to be selfless as we give of our time, talent or treasure and we see that in spades as we engage with our tribe!

We count ourselves blessed to share in the passion for needle and thread with you, the Inspirations Community, and love that our days are spent surrounded by the generosity that is found in engaging with you!

We’d love to hear of the generosities you’ve found through needle and thread and from the tribe you now call home. Email us at

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