13th November 2020

This week sees us having just finished the photography for Inspirations issue #110 which is due for release in April 2021. Whilst each issue differs depending on the projects included, the props sourced and the location we find ourselves in, the process itself is essentially the same issue to issue.

The featured projects are collated, the location is booked, the props are bought, each image is styled and lit and then the photograph is taken. Yet this time, we felt a little differently about the process.

The experience of photographing Inspirations issue #110 left us overwhelmed by a spirit of generosity.

Each part of the process listed above carried with it an open-handed willingness of someone to share their gifts and talents with us.

From the designers who, after pouring countless hours of time and talent into their piece, are willing to trust us with their ‘baby’. Ruth and Alan Irving from Al Ru Farm who so graciously allow us free access to their home, garden and everything within them to create the perfect backdrop for each project. Right through to our photographer and stylist, Brendan and Natalie Homan, whose attention to detail and pursuit of perfection is second to none. 

The open handedness also extends to our Inspirations ‘family’ who read each issue of the magazine cover to cover and commit their time and talent by putting their needles and threads to so much of what is contained within its pages. And of course, you, our All Stitched Up! community, who are exceedingly generous with your time as you create the space to read and respond to this newsletter each week. 

In each case, someone offered what they had, and for that we’re incredibly grateful.

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