Gaffer Tape it to a Wall?

18th September 2020

While we’re discussing what to do with finished pieces, we discovered this great video from our friend, Mr. X Stitch. Whilst out exercising the dog, Jamie ruminated over a number of interesting ideas for using finished pieces.

Jamie, aka Mr. X Stitch, hard at work (source)

Although he admits that he has been known to finish something and then just ‘shove it in a drawer’ (I think we’ve all done that at some stage), he comes up with some pretty clever suggestions, from giving it away in a random act of kindness through to gaffer taping the piece to a wall!

Embroidered Watch by Isla del Se (source)

Perhaps not all of his ideas will be to everyone’s taste, but for a few more ideas about what to do with finished (and even unfinished) pieces, it is worth watching his clip HERE

You can also read more from Jamie on his website HERE or subscribe to his Instagram or YouTube Channels.

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