From Nothing

18th September 2020

After what has felt like a colder and longer winter than usual in Inspirations’ hometown of Adelaide, there are finally signs that spring is upon us.

Apart from the days becoming noticeably longer and the weather reports promising a warmer day here and there, one of the first signs that winter was coming to a close was the appearance of blossom.

From what appeared to the eye to be completely barren branches, a delicate haze of white and pink flowers suddenly appeared. From nothing to something!

Just like our work with needle and thread. From a barren piece of fabric comes something. As we slowly work with needle and thread, a delicate haze of stitches appears and we realise we’ve created something from nothing.

It’s amazing to think that within us we have the ability to create. When you think about it, everything that surrounds us was created from nothing but the raw materials used in their manufacture. Someone had to create each and everything around us, along the way working out how to create something from nothing. 

Whilst our process of creating involves a little more determination than nature’s seemingly effortless manner, both are as remarkable as each other as we each create something from nothing.

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