28th August 2020

At Inspirations HQ we often refer to you, our All Stitched Up! readers, as our community or our tribe and whilst that will always be the case, we recently read something that made us think a little differently.

As we were pouring over recent issues of the Australian magazine ‘Country Style’, we came across one of Victoria Carey’s Letters from the Editor. As this was her last letter as editor, she reflected on her journey with the magazine and the people it had allowed her to meet along the way. 

The people ranged from farmers right through to prime ministers, and whilst it made for a diverse crowd, the one thing they all had in common was their experiences of life on the Australian land. Victoria spoke of the stories that had been shared and the inspiration she’d gained from those who’d been a part of her journey. She then thanked her readers for keeping her and her team company along the way.

And that’s when we realised, just as Victoria had, that our community and tribe have actually become our friends!

For us, we share with you a passion for all things needle and thread and from that simple, but common denominator, a wealth of knowledge, experiences and stories have been shared.

From stitchers picking up needle and thread for the first time who have questions about where to begin, to the ‘strangers’ we’ve come to know through the many times they’ve had their say or let us know what they’re stitching, right through to the designers who not only willingly share their work through the pages of Inspirations magazine, but also take the time to read this newsletter and then email us in response – we consider each of you a friend.

We can’t thank you enough for keeping us company on our journey and we’re looking forward to continuing to do life with you.

Here’s to friends old and new and those who are yet to join us…

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