Freezing Textiles

1st May 2020

While the northern hemisphere is looking forward to some warmer weather, things are getting chilly down here in the south. But chilly though the weather might be, it isn’t as cold as the temperatures seen in the depths of winter in Canada.

Frozen textile art (source)

While most of us would be shivering, Nicole Dextras saw the sub-zero temperatures as an opportunity to create unique textile art.

A frozen dress (source)

Nicole used water spray and the freezing air to form these incredible sculptures which appear like mysterious flowers amidst the ice and snow. She imagined:

‘bouquets of fantastical plant life summed from the underworld.’

We suspect Disney’s Elsa would be envious of these amazing, yet fleeting, creations. Nicole proves how art and nature are inextricably woven together. To discover more, check out Nicole’s website HERE

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