20th July 2018

There are times when we all struggle to maintain focus. There are endless distractions that make focusing on a particular task almost impossible as we try to get things done at work or complete projects at home – including those projects we’re trying to complete with needle and thread!

You know that moment when you get effortlessly lost in a task, when the world around you becomes a blur and you find yourself in your sweet spot of just getting things done? That’s focus!

Thorin Klosowski from spoke with Susan Perry, PhD, who acknowledges that whilst each of us have our own triggers that break our concentration, each time we lose focus it can take us up to 25 minutes to return to our sweet spot. Each time it’s broken, we restart the focusing process, using up our brain’s resources which means that we’re slowly growing exhausted by the distractions around us!

But is it possible to train ourselves to be more focused? Absolutely!

As the triggers for losing focus are different for each of us, we’ll need to spend some time ‘focusing on our focus’ so we can eliminate what’s keeping us from our sweet spot of getting things done. By doing so we’ll ensure we make our limited time with needle and thread count.

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