Finish Line

17th December 2021

And seemingly just like that the finish line of 2021 is now in sight!

In many ways, it feels like the past year has been an endurance marathon that’s flown by at the speed of a 100m sprint. Such is the dichotomy of time.

No matter the length or difficulty of the race though, there’s something about being able to see the finish line that encourages a burst of energy even from the most weary.

So, at Inspirations HQ, we’ve found a renewed determination to cross the finish line of 2021 with every item crossed off our To Do Lists before we break for Christmas and New Year.

We’re wrapping up the year by penning this, our last newsletter for 2021; organising the despatch of Inspirations magazine issue #113 which is due to be shipped to subscribers in January; putting the final touches on Inspirations issue #114 to ensure it is print-ready, and collating the projects and props for Inspirations issue #116 which is scheduled to be photographed not long after our return to the office in the new year. And all whilst still trying to chase up the last few issues of Inspirations #112 that are yet to make their way through the once unimaginable shipping delays that 2021 will be remembered for!  

It feels a lot like knowing you’re about to lay the last few stitches of a project, when, all of a sudden, you realise that no matter the difficulties you experienced with needle and thread or whether you doubted your ability to finish what was before you, they feel long forgotten and suddenly you find yourself looking towards your next challenge.

The good news is that whether we’re pleased with the way we ‘ran’ 2021 or look back and realise there’s some (or a lot) of room for improvement, the imminent New Year gives us the chance to start afresh and choose a different gait for 2022.

We look forward to running next year’s race alongside each of you…

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