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27th July 2018

There are many words one can use to describe the emotions stitching evokes. Happiness, contentment, joy and euphoria are but a few.

This week, as we celebrate the release of a brand-new issue of Inspirations Magazine, the word to best convey what issue #99 will hopefully make you feel is… bliss.

‘Stitching Bliss’ is what issue #99 is all about, featuring a range of superb projects to cater for any stitching mood, from relaxing and meditative to fun and adventurous.

Inspirations Editor, Susan O’Connor explains more about Stitching Bliss with this extract from her welcome in issue #99:

‘What is bliss? It is the state you are in when doing something that creates within you a deep sense of utter joy and absolute contentment.

So, what is your stitching bliss? Is it a large, intricate project with hours and hours of intensive stitching, new techniques to learn and new threads to master, or perhaps it is working on something so familiar that your hands automatically do the work while your mind can wander?

Is it teaching someone to stitch, creating embroidered treasures for family and friends or indulging in a project just for you?’

‘It could be shopping for thread, choosing colours or discovering a new project from a favourite designer, or perhaps it is simply the joy of sitting down with a cup of tea and turning the first page of a new magazine to reveal a new world of possibilities.’

Whatever it is and wherever you find it, we hope your level of stitching bliss is heightened by the projects and stories contained within issue #99 of Inspirations.’

To help you find your stitching bliss, within issue #99 you can choose from elegant whitework or sumptuous colour, simple embroidery stitches or a variety of techniques in one piece, surface or dimensional embroidery. Or, for something completely different, make a few Dorset buttons.

Single issue copies of Inspirations issue #99 are now available to purchase from our website for delivery to your door anywhere in the world.

Inspirations Issue 99

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