14th June 2019

Some of us are better at farewells than others.

There are those of us who manage our farewells with a stoic ‘until we meet again’, while others of us are left a blubbering mess at the mere thought of having to say goodbye!

This week we have a little farewell of our own…we’re saying goodbye to Inspirations issue #102 as we feature the last of this issue’s projects, ‘Bellissimo’.

Farewelling any issue of the magazine is a little bittersweet for us, sometimes we can’t believe the time and talent we’ve poured into it is now behind us, but then there’s always the expectation of the next issue of Inspirations we’re awaiting with bated breath!

For now we’re trying to hold onto the ‘sweet’ part of our farewell by focusing on the positive, embracing the present, sharing our sadness with you and exiting with grace, but if you have any tips for dealing with the ‘bitter’ part of our goodbye or would like to share how you cope with saying farewell, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at news@inspirationssstudios.com

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