3rd December 2021

You may have heard us say before that the team at Inspirations HQ may be small, but it is mighty.

One of the joys of working in a small team is that we know each other. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we get to share in each other’s successes and disappointments, over time becoming a collective family.

The same can be said of the Inspirations community… well almost anyway! The Inspirations community is definitely not small, but we love that so many of you have become part of our collective family. 

Over recent weeks we’ve been working through the process of migrating to a new subscription system for Inspirations magazine that turned out to be a far more complicated task than we’d originally anticipated! Although much of the migration happened with the wave of an IT ‘wand’, we’ve spent countless hours poring over individual subscription records to ensure the data we’re transferring is accurate.

And do you know what?

As we started to work through the myriad names before us, we found family.

We began to relay to each other the stories behind the individual records. Stories of phone calls received and made, emails penned back and forth, faces we’d been able to put to names at Beating Around the Bush and regular contributors to the very newsletter you’re now reading.

All of a sudden, what had originally felt like nothing more than data management became somewhat of a family reunion, making us appreciate all the more the privilege and joy it is to do what we do. Not only do we get to indulge our love of needle and thread with countless thousands, but along the way we have the privilege of doing life alongside many of you. 

 So, whether you’ve been reading Inspirations magazine since issue #1 or just joined us for issue #112, if this is the first, or the 311th issue of All Stitched Up! you’re reading, we really do hope you feel like part of the Inspirations family.

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