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22nd January 2021

We love that for many of you when it comes to searching for needlework supplies, your first port of call is the Inspirations online shop. That’s why we’re always hunting for new products to satisfy our loyal community. 

One query we often receive is where to buy high quality fabrics for needlework. Having scoured the globe for our own kits, along the way we’ve created a bit of a treasure map as to where all the best fabrics can be sourced.

Graziano White Linen

Now we’ve decided it’s time to share our spoils and start stocking those hard-to-find fabrics on our website, so you’ll no longer have to compromise or do without.

To launch our new range, we’re beginning with Graziano linens, with more fabrics and even wool blanketing coming online in the following months.

While linens come in a variety of quality gradients, some of the very best you will ever find are Graziano linens from Italy.

Graziano linens are perfect for all types of surface embroidery. Firmly and finely woven, these linens are available in 38ct Natural and White, and 45ct Ivory.

White | Ivory | Natural

The ivory linen is 70cm wide (27 ½ inches), and the natural and white linens are 180cm wide (5’11”), and all are available in lengths of 50cm (19 ½ inches) so if you need a larger piece, just order multiple ‘units’ and we’ll cut a single piece to length based on your specific order.

The world’s most beautiful needlework starts with the world’s most beautiful fabrics. Happy shopping!


Graziano Linen – Ivory 45ct


Graziano Pronto Linen – Natural 38ct


Graziano Pronto Linen – White 38ct

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