Extreme Knitting Pt 2

29th June 2018

In All Stitched Up! Issue #132 (HERE) we brought you news of the extreme knitting craze. First it was about size, from gigantic to the miniature, this week it’s about the use of extreme materials.

Knitting with Noodles

Images courtesy www.cynthiadsuwito.com

Who needs to worry about the cost of yarn, when you can save yourself hundreds by using noodles! Not only are noodles cheaper, they are also must faster to prepare requiring just 2 mins in the microwave and DING! all ready to knit. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the Huffington Post story about Cynthia Suwito HERE.

Knitting with Teabag Strings

Left: Teabag string scarf. Right: Irene’s collection of teabag strings. Images courtesy ABC Mildura-Swan Hill: Alexandra Treloar

Another way to save money and recycle at the same time is to knit with teabag strings. Irene from Kerang in Victoria, Australia reports it takes her more than 2,000 teabag strings and the same amount of cuppas to make one of her teabag string scarves. You can read more about her story HERE.

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