16th November 2018

Last week we reminded you that you are capable. In every season and with whatever may lay before you, you are more capable than you realise.

As each one of us begins to take hold of this truth, we may find ourselves thinking big and enlarging our view of what’s possible with not only our lives, but also with our needles and threads!

Once we truly realise that, despite our own doubts and insecurities, we’re capable of achieving the things that matter to us most, we find ourselves ready to take on that which we once thought impossible.

We’ll find ourselves moving from being overwhelmed to having a clearer perspective and if we continue to take even the smallest steps forward, we’ll understand that big things really are achievable.

What is it that seems impossible to you?

Is it a complicated new technique you’re yet to try your hand at? A project whose size feels insurmountable? Or maybe a needlework adventure abroad you’re yet to commit to?

Whatever it is, we hope that thinking big and enlarging your view of what’s possible bears more fruit than you could ever imagine!

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