Embroidering the Great Masters

1st June 2018

For much of history, there has been a division between ‘art’ and ‘craft’ with the latter often regarded as the poor cousin. Recently popular and historical ‘art’ by the Great Masters have been re-created in ‘craft’ using the needle and thread.

Self Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh as interpreted by embroidery artist Ezgi Pamir (source)

These types of translations help to ensure that needleworker and artist can be viewed as one and the same, plus help bridge the art vs craft divide.  Could it be in the near future, famous painters re-create our needlework designs with their paintbrush, rather than vice versa?

Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci as embroidered by Jamie Chalmers (source)

To read more about painted masterpieces reimagined as embroidery, check out the Modern Met piece by Sara Barnes HERE.

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