Embroidered Treasures

9th August 2019

In Inspirations Magazine issue #102 we reviewed the book Embroidered Treasures Flowers, which is the first in a series of books featuring projects of historical significance held by the UK Embroiderers’ Guild.

Now in issue #103 we review the second book in the series, Embroidered Treasures Birds.

This fantastic book showcases the prestigious Embroiderers’ Guild’s huge collection of embroidered birds through the ages.

Featuring photographs taken especially for the book, items are shown in full along with detailed images that show off the stunning birds at their best.

As with her first book, Dr Annette Collinge includes pertinent information for each project including technique, date, place of origin and size of the finished work.

You can read our full review on page 10 of issue #103 of the magazine, and copies of both the first and second books in the series are available to purchase from our website.

Printed Books

Embroidered Treasures: Birds

Printed Books

Embroidered Treasures: Flowers

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