Embroidered Fossils

20th May 2022

There is an abundance of beautiful, embroidered gardens and natural scenes on display on the internet, and we love seeing how textile artists use their needles to capture nature in the confines of a hoop. But Rachel Crisp has done something a little different, dropping a fossil right in the middle of her stunning, textured embroidery scenes.

Each ‘garden’ features a cornucopia of vegetation created from a wide variety of fibres, stitches and techniques. But right in the middle of each one, as if emerging from the growth around it, is a dinosaur bone or fossil, worked in perfect, pale satin stitch.

Each tiny work of art is like a mini-archaeological dig, allowing you to discover the mysteries that lie beneath the ground.

If you would like to read more about Rachel and her work, you can do so HERE, or follow her on Instagram.

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