Embroidered Brain Imagery

2nd October 2020

Embroidery is as much a mental process as it is a physical process. Utilising hand, body and brain, it can only be perfected when all elements are engaged. Artist Lada Dedić took this understanding a step further, creating gorgeous embroidered versions of scans of her own brain.

A brain scan worked in cross stitch, taking over 211 hours (source)

Worked in various techniques, Dedić used the slow, repetitive and meditative quality of her work to contemplate her own mind. The result was a series of beautiful, anatomical accurate images which convert the coldly scientific into the exquisitely artistic.

Each work took between 30 and 212 hours to complete – opening space for contemplation and reflection on the passage of time, and the mysterious void between the brain and the mind.

You can see more of Lada Dedić’s work at her website or follow her on Instagram @studiolada

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