Elisabetta Sforza Alphabet Books

1st April 2022

Elisabetta Sforza is an Italian designer who has been delighting stitchers the world over with her exquisitely embroidered alphabets. Drawing on the beauty of nature, Elisabetta develops a theme that she uses to decorate each letter in her alphabets with incredible detail. The letters can then be used as monograms or even to create complete words.

We have stocked two of her books in the past, but we’re now adding a third to our offering that you are simply not going to want to miss.

A Flower Alphabet

A Flower Alphabet represents Elisabetta’s style at its finest. Each sinuous letter is formed with a gorgeous variety of garden flowers in a stunning array of colours. From roses to lavender, daisies to forget-me-nots, you’ll get the opportunity to work a wide range of stitches within each letter.

But you are also encouraged to use this alphabet in different ways.

Elisabetta offers suggestions for different colour palettes, variations on shapes and fibres and how to use details in your own projects.

She indicates that the alphabet is merely the starting point. You should use it to create your own unique designs, which fit with her lovely floral style.

We also have back in stock Elisabetta’s other two books. 

In a Wheat Field

In a Wheat Field features an alphabet created in glorious autumnal tones and featuring poppies, daisies and sheaves of wheat to form each shape.

A Sea to Stitch

A Sea to Stitch brings a nautical feel to the alphabet, each letter decorated with shells, tiny sea creatures, birds and waves in a wide array of colours and stitches.

You can never have enough ideas for alphabets, so these three books are essential for your collection. Any time you need to add an initial or decorate something with a name, you’ll have all the inspiration you need in one of Elisabetta Sforza’s fantastic books.

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