Double-Sided Fans

23rd October 2020

Some stitchers get very conscious about the back of their work. Others aren’t so worried, choosing to focus on other things. However, if you’re stitching on a fan made of fine gauze, the back of your work suddenly gains vital importance.

Pei Wen, an arts administrator from Singapore, has set up an online art shop called House of Peach Blossoms. Here, she showcases the exquisite work of embroiderers from rural China who practice the fine art of double-sided silk embroidery.

These incredible fans feature shimmering silk threads and traditional subjects, and the sale of each one helps support these women so they can continue their craft.

To see a showcase of these breathtaking embroideries, you can follow House of Peach Blossoms on Instagram @Houseofpeachblossoms or to purchase a fan for yourself, you can visit their Etsy Shop.

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