DMC Storage Tin

24th April 2020

Have you heard of the term ‘rat’s nest’ in relation to embroidery threads? I’m sure none of you have one of those, have you?!

OK, we’ll be the first to raise our hands. We have a few piles of threads which could resemble a lovely resting spot for a sleepy rodent. Well, the time has come to sort those threads out, and we’ve got the perfect solution.

The elegant gold tin from DMC is making a comeback. Originally released when DMC introduced their new range of thread colours, this tin has proved incredibly popular as a storage container. There has never been a better time to tidy your thread collection and these tins are ideal.

Just the right length to lay your skeins of thread, with an easy seal lid and a stunning matte finish, imagine how good your collection will look stored in these beauties. Close the mouse hotel and grab your DMC tins now before they sell out again.

DMC Storage Tin

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