Digital Pattern | Sitting Pretty by Phyllis Maurer

14th August 2020

If the book Modern Kogin has piqued your interest in this technique, you’ll be thrilled to know that one of our favourite kogin projects from Inspirations is available as a digital pattern.

Designed using the traditional Japanese combination of indigo and white, ‘Sitting Pretty’ from Inspirations issue #62 is a chair cushion worked entirely in the kogin technique, making use of many traditional motifs. 

Sitting Pretty is worked on a brilliant blue evenweave ground fabric. After you’ve spent many glorious, meditative hours completing the design, it can then be finished with a twisted cord and constructed into a striking chair cushion. 

However, although we are all aware that this variation of sashiko was designed to be robust and hardwearing, we would hope more time would be spent admiring this wonderful piece than parking one’s behind on it!

You can purchase and download the digital pattern for Sitting Pretty right now and start enjoying the pleasure of this gorgeous traditional technique.

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Sitting Pretty

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