28th October 2022

The title of a recent email from Hiut Denim caught our attention immediately and had us reading on with much interest. 

It was entitled ‘Details Matter’.  

The email opened with a quote from Charles Eames:

‘The details are not the details. They make the design.’

The email went on to unpack some of the details that make Hiut jeans Hiut jeans. For them, part of their story and reason for success is their attention to detail.

Their belt loops are sewn on at an angle as it makes threading a belt just that little bit easier. The back pockets of their men’s jeans are lined to ensure holes don’t develop over time. Matt, one of Hiut’s ‘artists’ has mastered the talent of ensuring all the rivets attached to a pair of their jeans are upright. They even leave the excess red thread on their front buttonholes, as it honours the fact that the holes are created on the oldest machine in their factory, a feature no longer available on modern automatic machines.

All this because they ‘celebrate the craft’

Their email was a lovely reminder to appreciate the time and attention we often pour into the details of what we do, some of which may only be apparent to us in the final product because they are how we celebrate our craft of needle and thread.

Take last week’s Featured Project, Balthazar, for instance; when it first arrived in our office, we couldn’t help but be taken with the features Tania Cohen was able to include in something that measures only 5cm x 5.5cm when complete. Yet it wasn’t until the close-up photography was taken that we realised the level of detail she’d included.

Underneath the metal thread encrusted elytra, that caught our attention immediately, lay silk organza wings scattered with tiny flower sequins, only visible once the layers were separated.

As with Balthazar, the detail we honour may be in intricate design elements. It might be found in the quality of the fabric, needle and thread we use. Perhaps it’s with the accuracy with which we transfer the design. Or it may be found in our ground stitches that, although will eventually be covered, are laid with care and precision.

How do you celebrate the craft of needle and thread through the details? Perhaps it’s a combination of all of the above or one of the many details we haven’t mentioned. We’d love you to email and let us know what details matter to you.

Here’s to always celebrating our craft.

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