Crocheted Surgery?

22nd March 2019

When some of us think of crochet, we think of granny squares and shawls. Textile artist Shanell Papp’s mind went somewhere completely different as she undertook a project to crochet a life-sized skeleton.

Shanell Papp’s life-sized crochet skeleton (source)

Not content with merely the bones, Shanell also filled the skeleton with removable, anatomically correct organs. Crocheted, of course!

Stemming from a fascination with Frankenstein, mortuary practices and the Victorian period among other things, Shanell took 8 months to design and work the project.

The incredibly detailed, accurate anatomy shows just how much can be done with wool and crochet needles.

We’re not sure that this will become a pre-requisite in medical schools any time soon, but it just goes to show that crochet is a highly versatile craft. Crocheted intestines, anyone?

The crocheted organs displayed (source)

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