Crocheted Portraits

18th February 2022

A lot of people have had difficulties in the past couple of years, with businesses failing and income sources drying up. However, Norlisa Mohamad Nor from Malaysia decided to do something about it. When her family’s photocopying business started to struggle, Norlisa turned to online learning.

Norlisa working on one of her huge ‘graphgans’ (source)

She did a course to learn how to crochet large portraits, called ‘graphgans’. These amazing pieces are worked like cross stitch or picture knitting, where each square is worked in a particular colour to create a large image. Working from complicated charts, Norlisa soon perfected the art.

Norlisa’s charts can sometimes be up to 120 A4 pages long (source)

She’s turned her new skills into a business, with her beautifully crocheted portraits now available for sale online. It goes to show that in difficult times, turning to handcrafts can sometimes be exactly what is needed to get through.

You can read more about Norlisa’s spectacular work HERE.

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