Criss Crossing Paris

8th March 2019

Embroider an unforgettable travel memoir of Paris, with this brand-new book featuring charming designs of familiar sights and unexpected moments from one of the world’s most iconic cities.

If you haven’t already read the full review of this uber charming book in Inspirations issue #101, get on it – in fact, why not go and read it now and we’ll wait for you… it’s on page 15…

Done? Terrific… so how amazing is that? Two sisters creating a cross stitched memoir of Paris like you’ve never seen before, all with colour coded charts and DMC stranded cotton thread key. We loved the book so much that not only did we review it, we’re stocking it on our website so you can purchase your very own copy and stitch Paris like you’ve never stitched Paris before!

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Criss Crossing Paris

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