Crewel Birds by Hazel Blomkamp

8th May 2020

At last, the wait is over. Ever since we saw some of the early designs for Hazel’s new book at Beating Around the Bush in 2018, we’ve been eager for its release. Today we’re pleased to announce that we now have stock of ‘Crewel Birds’ by Hazel Blomkamp.

Continuing in her fantastic and enormously popular style, affectionately known as crewel embroidery with a twist, Crewel Birds features six magnificent farm and game birds to stitch. 

Choose from Nigel the Flamingo, Dick the Duck, Dave the Pheasant, Claude the Phoenix, Kevin the Fanciful Pheasant or our personal favourite, Colin the Rooster.

Every project is bursting with colour and guaranteed to provide many hours of stitching pleasure.

Just like Hazel’s other books, Crewel Birds is packed with detailed instructions and diagrams so that you’ll have everything you need to successfully complete one or all of the bird projects. 

If you’ve ever worked Hazel’s designs before, you’ll know how innovative she is with her stitching. As a result, even the most passionate of Hazel followers are sure to find new stitches, stitch combinations and techniques in this book which they’ve never tried before.

At last, the avian world has been honoured by Hazel’s incredible hands. About the only thing you need to worry about is which one of these birds are you going to start with?

Crewel Birds

Hazel Blomkamp
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