2nd August 2019

Have you ever heard someone use the words, ‘Oh, she’s just creative’ to describe your temperament and skillset?

These words were most likely spoken without the intent to criticize or wound, but there’s a certain dismissiveness about them that can make us question the value of our creativity.

The Three Rs of reading, writing and arithmetic were most likely the primary focus of each of our educations, with creative subjects such as art relegated to a single lesson each week – if we were lucky!

Whilst creativity is used to solve problems in school, business and everyday life, somehow the creativity we employ when it comes to our love of needle and thread isn’t always valued as highly, hence the phrase, ‘Oh, she’s just creative’.

Yet our creativity not only allows us a meditative escape from our everyday that refreshes and renews our souls, it means that we can label ourselves makers, producers and contributors!

In a world that so often focuses on consumption rather production, our time with needle and thread allows us to be creative contributors to the world around us and the value this adds to the people and spaces that surround us should never be diminished.

We’d love to hear how you celebrate your creative tendencies and how your love of needle and thread allows you to contribute to the world around you. Email us at

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