Craftivism with Ciara LeRoy

27th November 2020

We have often discussed the difference between ‘art’ and ‘craft’ in our newsletter, but when we discovered this article about textile artist, Ciara LeRoy, we found her thoughts enlightening.

Ciara LeRoy (source)

Ciara is an artist who uses her embroidery to express that which concerns her in bold and striking ways. Originally inspired at the feet of her now 93-year-old grandmother, Ciara has become something of an online sensation with her thoughtful and impactful embroidered pieces.

When asked about the difference between art and craft, Ciara suggests that, ‘art tells the truth by challenging the status quo, exploring deep themes and societal patterns, and preserving culture.’ Whereas craft is generally for décor only, in Ciara’s mind, ‘art has a deeper concept behind the aesthetics.’

Whatever your views on the line between art and craft, Ciara’s work gives us something more to consider each time we encounter embroidery stitched with such passion.

To read more about Ciara, you can view the full article at the website HERE and follow her on Instagram here: @prettystrangedesign

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