Coupon FAQ's

Where Do I Enter My Coupon?

After you’ve finished shopping and added all the items into your cart, click the View Cart message banner or use the gold cart icon in the top right.

Look for Have a coupon? and click Enter your code.

Type in your coupon code and click Apply Code.

You will now see a discount line appear showing how much money the coupon has deducted from the total of your cart.

What If The Coupon Doesn't Work

If the coupon you’ve entered encounters an error, it will tell you.

You may receive a message saying ‘This coupon is not applicable to selected products‘ which means the coupon you’re using doesn’t offer any discounts for the products you have in your cart. In this instance continue shopping and add other products from the category that matches your coupon.

If an error message ‘Coupon does not exist‘ appears, check to ensure you haven’t accidentally entered any spaces or mistyped the coupon code. Please note coupons are NOT case senstive.

Can I Add To My Cart Having Already Applied The Coupon?

If you apply the coupon but have not yet processed and paid for your order, you can continue shopping and add more items no problems.

As you add more products, each time you return to your cart the coupon will update the discount it has applied.

If at any stage the coupon has not automatically updated, simply click remove next to the coupon line item and then reapply the coupon.

Can I Use More Than One Coupon At A Time?

The answer is, that depends!

Some coupons do allow compounding use, in this instance just click Enter your code again, type in the next coupon, click Apply and you’ll either receive an error message denying the request or, if successful, an additional discount line will appear on your cart. A third option is, the new coupon you entered simply replaces the first coupon which is another way of letting you know it’s a single use coupon.

What If I Still Need Help?

If you have any difficulty using your coupon code or have any additional questions, feel free to email us anytime HERE.

Please note – if you cannot get your coupon to work, it is important you contact us before finalising and paying for your order, as retrospective discounts on orders already placed may not applicable.

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