Corinne’s Feathered Friends

1st September 2023

Corinne Lapierre’s Folk Birds are simply irresistible and seemingly always in demand!

Be it due to how adorable they are, their colour and vibrancy, or the simplicity of stitching them, we find ourselves constantly restocking our shelves.

The floral designs on their wings are perfect for practising various stitching techniques, and the ease of stitching on felt makes them perfect for those new to the art of embroidery.

All of Corinne’s kits include everything you need to recreate her designs, including needle and threads, ribbon, high quality wool-felt mix, toy filling and instructions.

Get your Corinne kits today, before they fly off our shelves… again!

Corinne Lapierre Felt Craft Kit – Folk Birds

Corinne Lapierre
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