6th November 2020

It goes without saying that we’re nearing the end of what has been a particularly uncertain year. COVID-19 has presented changes and challenges none of us could have predicted at the onset of 2020.

For each of us, these changes and challenges have been unique. However, a common thread for many has been the way we’ve experienced personal connection. Sure, there are some connections that have been strengthened, but for many of us, social distancing and travel restrictions have meant that we’ve missed connecting with the people we’d usually do life with and that’s left a gap we haven’t always been sure how to fill.

After reading an article penned by Maggie Mackellar in Australia’s Country Style magazine, we realised she had a remedy that hadn’t been front of mind, but one that would absolutely help fill the gaps many of us had been experiencing!

‘Without her here, I find myself treasuring the things she’s made over the years.’

Referring to her aunt who was unable to make her usual annual visit, Maggie found herself appreciating, more so then ever before, the things that been crafted by the work of her aunt’s hands and gifted to her. 

From a hand spun, hand-dyed, knitted woollen blanket she sleeps under each night, a favourite work jumper her aunt had taken the time to mend, frozen mulberries that get her through winter, right through to a simple pot of thyme, Maggie was struck by the usefulness of the things she had been given over the years and was more acutely aware of their presence than ever before

We love the simplicity of Maggie’s approach. As she took the time to notice what was around her, remembering not only the work that had gone into each item, but also who the work was done by, she found that ‘these physical things made by loving hands’ invited her to make a connection that spanned time and distance.

No doubt many of our lives are filled with items that were hand wrought by someone important to us and if we just take the time to remember them each time we see or use the object, that feeling of connection will help fill some of the gaps COVID has created until we can finally be together again.

Do you have something made by loving hands that allows you to make a connection regardless of physical distance? We’d love to know what it is.  Email

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