5th April 2019

The way we connect with others differs from person to person and relationship to relationship. Sometimes our connections are daily and intimate whilst at other times they’re less frequent and more formal.

Most of the connections Inspirations has with our community are via email or phone – and sometimes the occasional handwritten letter – and we love that, despite the tyranny of distance that separates us from many of you, connection is still possible.

However, there are times we long for something more – sometimes it’s a quick chat over the fence we wish we could have with each of you, or a passing conversation about something so small it feels like it would take place in the aisle of our local supermarket when we run into you unexpectedly, but alas that is rarely possible given our community is truly global!

And so, the idea of our recent survey ‘Take Five to Answer Five’ came about. We wanted the opportunity to connect with each of you and hear what was on your mind when it came to all things Inspirations. We were overwhelmed by the number of responses we received and have spent the weeks since pouring over them, feeling more connected than ever to each of you who took the time to provide your feedback.

Beautiful minds connect, inspire and support.


We truly feel connected, inspired and supported by each of you and thank you for taking the time to strengthen our connection with you. Now we’re looking forward to beginning to unpack what we learnt along the way with ‘Take Five to Answer Five’…

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