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13th March 2020

Many of us love to collect things. Whether it is embroidery kits, postcards, thimbles or shells, or anything else that gives us pleasure, there is no end of joy to be found in our beloved collections. 

And what is better than a completed collection of, say, Inspirations Magazines?!

If you’ve been hoping to complete your collection of Inspirations, now is the perfect time. We have plenty of back issues still in our warehouse to hopefully help fill in any gaps you might have in your Inspirations library. But don’t delay, back copies of Inspirations don’t last forever and once they’ve gone, they’ve gone.


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Also, if you would like to view the inspiring projects that Inspirations has published over the years in one place, the Inspirations Index 1-100 is just what you need. 

With every single project from issue 1 through to issue 100 listed, complete with coloured photographs and easy cross referencing, the Inspirations Index is an indispensable resource. You’ll never again find yourself wondering what issue that perfect project appeared in. The answer will be at your fingertips.

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Inspirations Index Issues 1-100

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