Community Embroidery

6th August 2021

For anyone who thought that needlework is a solitary pursuit, it’s worth checking out the work of Liz Kueneke. Contrary to the solitary narrative, Liz views embroidery as a community activity and has spent years connecting people with their local area through community needlework projects.

Liz takes large, embroidered maps of local areas out into that particular community and then recruits everyday people to embellish the embroideries with their own stitches. They can add anything that represents their own experiences, memories and ideas about their area. This encourages individuals to think deeply about what their local space means to them as well as getting involved in making something that represents everyone.

If you would like to see more of Liz’s projects, you can follow her on Instagram @liz.kueneke, read about her HERE or go to her website. Perhaps seeing her work might encourage others to get out into the community and bring people together through the medium of stitch?

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