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2nd September 2022

One of the many wonderful things about working at Inspirations is that we get to see each new book the instant the advance copy arrives from the printers. It is a sheer joy being able to finally leaf through the pages and marvel at all the glorious projects in their magnificent, finished form.

Every book is a treat, but A Passion For Needlework | The Whitehouse Daylesford really is something special.

A Passion for Needlework | The Whitehouse Daylesford is our fourth book in the Passion series and will be officially released on 23rd September. In anticipation of this exciting occasion, this week we wanted to share with you a few of the ‘behind the scenes’ moments that brought this book to fruition

As one of our most celebrated publications, producing any of our Passion for Needlework books is truly rewarding. From the selection of the designers and their projects, scouting for the location, the planning, preparation and execution of the photo shoot, and then the compilation of all the elements into its final artwork, well yes, it is just that  – a stunning work of art.

Behind the scenes of ‘Arbor Vitae’ from A Passion for Needlework 4

From the minute you see the luxurious cover, you’ll be captivated by the beauty of this book. The exquisite projects are presented so beautifully, you’ll be torn between wanting to pick up your needles to stitch immediately and taking your time to journey through the sumptuous presentation of this lush publication.

Behind the scenes of ‘Wood Anemones’ from A Passion for Needlework 4

We can safely say we’ve gone above and beyond with A Passion for Needlework | The Whitehouse Daylesford. Passion is the operative word. Our hope is that the passion we felt as we put this book together emanates from every page, waiting to be transferred ten-fold to all of you as you enjoy this true masterpiece.

A Passion for Needlework 4

A Passion for Needlework 4 | The Whitehouse Daylesford

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