Cohana Tool Case

2nd April 2021

There is a reason that we all carry purses and handbags. It is because we know that we will always have everything we need on us, tucked away in tidy compartments. The same should go for our stitching.

There are essentials which we must have, no matter where we are or what project we are working on.

So, the best way to ensure you have all those essentials is to keep them in a gorgeously designed, handy tool case.

Many of us already know how gorgeous Cohana products are. With stunning Japanese styling and impeccable craftsmanship, the entire Cohana range has been created to last a lifetime. The Cohana tool case is no different.

With five strong pockets and a zip up compartment, the tool case will take all your stitching essentials and, when rolled up, keep them perfectly safe. It is secured with a strong leather cord, designed to encircle the case several times so that it will remain closed no matter what kind of treatment it receives.

Best of all, it is compact enough that you can carry it everywhere, but large enough that you will be able to fit in every accessory you could possibly need.

The Cohana tool case is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to storing your stitching accessories.

Cohana Mikawa Momen Tool Case – Dark Grey & Blue

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Cohana Accessories

Now that you have your Cohana tool case, why not fill it with gorgeous Cohana accessories, each designed to fit snugly into the compartments of your case.

The leather tape measures slot neatly into one of the pockets, and the tiny Cohana scissors – one of our most popular items – fit perfectly inside.

It’s definitely time to spoil yourself with the most beautiful embroidery tools on the market.

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