Cohana Mini Scissors | New Colours

22nd January 2021

You know that feeling of frustration when you reach for a pair of scissors, only to not have any at hand? It doesn’t seem to matter how many pairs of scissors we own, they are never where we want them to be.

Fortunately, the gorgeous Cohana Mini Scissors are so tiny, they fit everywhere!

From the smallest sewing box to a place on your keyring, tucked into a pocket in an etui or nestled in amongst one’s bobbins.

You’ll be pleased to hear that not only do we have the blue, yellow and pink mini scissors back in stock, we now have even more colours to add to the collection – green and grey.

After spending some wonderful time over Christmas finishing off a number of projects and sorting through your stitching kit, maybe it’s time to ensure you’ll never reach for the invisible scissors again? We’re thinking several pairs should do the trick, right?


Cohana Mini Scissors – Blue


Cohana Mini Scissors – Green


Cohana Mini Scissors – Grey


Cohana Mini Scissors – Pink


Cohana Mini Scissors – Yellow

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