Cohana Magnetic Ceramic Spools

19th March 2021

Surely we can’t be the only stitchers who put their needles down… somewhere… only to completely forget where they are just seconds later? If we’re lucky, we might discover our needle sticking out of the arm of the sofa. If we’re not lucky, we might discover it sticking out of something else!

Needles and pins have a terrible habit of finding their way onto floors, into upholstery or into fingers, feet or other parts of the body. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the perfect little accessory that will allow you to put your needles or pins down, confident that you’ll always know exactly where they are going to be?

Cohana products, made in Japan, benefit from exquisite crafting and perfect design. The Cohana Magnetic Ceramic Spools are exactly what you need to keep those wandering needles and pins in one place, with the added bonus that they look simply gorgeous.

Made from sturdy, smooth ceramic, each spool is magnetic so even if you accidently knock it off of the table, all of the needles and pins inside will remain exactly where they should.

With five elegant colours available: pink; yellow; green; blue and grey, the Cohana Magnetic Ceramic Spools will become one of the handiest and most indispensable items in your sewing kit. Why not get one for each room of the house? Then you can relax with your stitching, knowing that even your most wayward needles will remain firmly under control.


Cohana Hasami Ware Magnetic Spool – Blue


Cohana Hasami Ware Magnetic Spool – Green


Cohana Hasami Ware Magnetic Spool – Grey


Cohana Hasami Ware Magnetic Spool – Pink


Cohana Hasami Ware Magnetic Spool – Yellow

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