Clover Thimbles

24th September 2021

When considering which products to add to our website, our team here at Inspirations carefully curates a selection of wares that, we hope, offer a nice blend of the best goodies available.

When we announced we were stocking Clover thimbles recently, it was lovely to receive so much positive feedback. In particular we had an email from Lesley who commented that, although she’s been collecting thimbles for years, as the joints on her fingers have enlarged over time, she now finds she has to try and jam the traditional thimbles on, which isn’t at all comfortable. But these soft, malleable silicone thimbles are the perfect solution!

Furthermore, our Facebook post about the thimbles was filled with comments such as ‘best thimble I have ever used’, ‘I love mine!’ and ‘They are the best’. 

So there’s not much else for us to add really, other than to let you know all three sizes are still available and if you haven’t tried one yet it may be worth a go as they really do get quite the glowing reviews!


Clover Protect & Grip Thimble – Large


Clover Protect & Grip Thimble – Medium


Clover Protect & Grip Thimble – Small

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