Clover Thimble Pencil Sharpener

30th June 2023

It’s always fun to find a tool that is pretending to be one thing, but in reality is something else. We’ve seen a pincushion disguised as lipstick, a pinwheel that is actually a tape measure and now we have a thimble that sharpens pencils!

Clover are renowned for producing quality products and it’s also great to see that they’re not taking themselves too seriously with this novel yet well-crafted tool.

This thimble-shaped pencil sharpener is a super fun idea and the perfect addition to your needlework kit, or a great gift for fellow stitchers.

A bit of research indicates that Clover are no longer manufacturing this item, so we only have available what’s in stock meaning it’s probably a good idea to order your thimble pencil sharpener today, as once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Clover Thimble Pencil Sharpener

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