13th September 2019

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, has been quoted as saying that change is the only constant in life.

How true that is, and it would seem the rate of change swirling around us grows more rapid with each passing day!

Here at Inspirations Studios, one of the mottos we believe in is that the world’s most beautiful never rests, it’s always on the move and to that end, we often find ourselves thinking about where beautiful is off to next and what changes it will usher in.

Sometimes these changes simmer in the background until they’re ‘suddenly’ ready to be shared with the Inspirations Community and so it is with our latest changes…

Not only are we working through the mammoth task of moving office (who knew we’d accumulated so many things and that boxes of books and magazines could weigh so much?!) but after much thought, numerous internal discussions and assessment of countless options, we’re excited to announce that starting from Inspirations issue #104 our Ready-To-Stitch kits will be packaged more beautifully than ever before!

You’ll have to read on to find out more and take advantage of a huge kit sale we’re having in the lead up to the transition, but as we processed our own feelings towards the changes we’ve just been through, we wondered how you feel about change. Do you embrace the process of change with excitement and anticipation or do you try to hold on to what’s familiar?

For us it’s been a little of each – we’re excited to be settling into our new office and think our kits absolutely look more beautiful than ever before, but we’re also working through the process of letting go of what’s been familiar to each of us over the last few years.

But as we said, beautiful is always on the move and so we’re on the move with it!

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