Centre Stage

9th September 2022

Have you rediscovered the joy of embellished ribbon embroidery yet? If not, there’s still time to get hold of some of the most beautiful kits imaginable. Ribbon embroidery worked on beautiful, pre-printed background fabric has featured prominently in recent issues of Inspirations magazine, but there are several projects from the past that we felt were so gorgeous, they had to be made available again.

Centre Stage by Marlize Meyer, which originally appeared in Inspirations issue #77 is one of those projects. This is a stunning study of a ballerina, caught in a pensive moment as she reaches down to tie her ballet shoe. She’s surrounded by a cascade of ribbon-embroidered flowers, and her tutu and headdress are exquisitely embellished to give a breathtaking, three-dimensional effect.

The Ready-To-Stitch kit includes everything you need to complete this gorgeous project, including the delicate silk background print and all the ribbons and materials required. Centre Stage was universally loved when it was first published, and it continues to be loved today. But kits are limited, so be sure to order yours straight away so you can discover why everyone is celebrating the comeback of this fabulous technique.

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Inspirations Issue 77

Digital Patterns

Centre Stage – i77 Digital


Centre Stage – i77 Kit

Printed Patterns

Centre Stage – i77 Print

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