Celebrity Crush Dolls

31st July 2020

Starting to run out of stitching ideas? Maybe you’re tired of all those flowers and bunnies and are keen to try something else? What about stitching up a miniature celebrity crush doll?!

Who’s your crush? (source)

We’ve all got our guilty crushes – you know the movie you have to watch, not because it’s any good (it usually isn’t) but because you can’t get enough of the leading man or woman. Or the surreptitious flick through the celebrity magazines at the doctor’s office to see if you can spot an unguarded photo.

It’s time to be proud, and to turn that crush into something stitchable.

All of the instructions to make one of these charmers are available in the eBook for sale on the House of Lars website. Hang them in your car, pop them in your purse or hang them on the Christmas tree. Or just tuck them in your breast pocket, right near your heart…

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