Celebrating 100 Issues

1st February 2019

This week’s issue of All Stitched Up! sees us featuring the last of the projects from Inspirations #100 and the last story of our Foundation Members’ journeys with Inspirations – for now at least anyway!

Donna Chambers

‘I have every issue of Inspirations Magazine, having purchased issue #1 from my local newsagent when I decided I needed a hobby. Never did I imagine I would still be getting the magazine all these years later! While I still have no illusions of my pretty ordinary needlework skills, I have learnt so much from your beautiful magazine and guide books.’

Each of my friends’ babies received a baby blanket and as my grandchildren arrived, I would always be sitting at the hospital finishing off the blankets – often after the baby had been born!

‘I tried to keep photos of most of the blankets taken along with each of their babies. Unfortunately, when my daughter’s house was burnt to the ground all the beautiful blankets and quilts I had made for her were lost. I was quietly devastated, however so grateful they were away when it occurred.’

‘When I had to move my parents into a smaller home, I found a beautiful stash of my talented mothers embroidery projects. One piece in particular had the most beautiful pansies worked onto fabric but was never finished due to her dementia. I tucked it away until Inspirations issue #80 had a gorgeous evening bag project – I couldn’t believe my luck! Susan O’Connor’s Minaudiere inspired me to finish the stitching my mother had begun which I then gifted to my sister.’

Donna, we think your needlework skills are anything but ordinary! Thank you for allowing Inspirations to be part of your needlework journey and we admire the time, talent and love you poured into so many projects as gifts for others.

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