Celebrating 100 Issues

23rd November 2018

As we continue to celebrate 100 issues of Inspirations Magazine, we hear from another of our Foundation Members about their journey with Inspirations…

Cathy Lysnes | Canada

‘I am one of the lucky ones who has every issue of Inspirations Magazine and some of their early pamphlets as well. In 1992 I came across two Inspirations pamphlets, one of which was an insert in Australian Smocking and Embroidery Magazine. I assumed that Country Bumpkin was testing the waters for the market for a publication solely about needlework. Regardless, I knew I had lucked onto two great pamphlets and I was hooked! I kept watching for further publications and sure enough, the premier issue, Issue #1 was released in 1993.

 At one time there was a glitch in my subscription and I missed Issue #36. It quickly became a collector’s issue and was hard to find. Luckily for me however, some wonderful Australian was selling off copies of past issues and I was able to purchase my missing magazine without paying an outlandish price. I will always have fond thoughts of that person as they helped me complete my collection.’

If one never did any of the truly inspirational needlework projects in the magazine, the photography can be admired as true artwork in itself… so says my non-needle working daughter!

‘There are more interesting pieces to work on than there are days in my life and the magazine has really evolved from a publication about Australian needle workers to an international resource. As the magazine becomes more global, we become exposed to far more interesting and challenging pieces as well as the inspiring stories of needlework artisans whose work is featured in each issue.

 I have purged a lot of magazines within my library but will NEVER purge Inspirations! Thank you for publishing the best magazine to be had and keep up the excellent work!’

Cathy, we love your enthusiasm for all things Inspiration and appreciate your support over the last 25 years, and to think it all started with you stumbling across two pamphlets!

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